Induction Loop Systems

It is a little known fact that one in seven people have hearing loss within the UK. With such high numbers it is hardly surprising that Induction Loop Systems are becoming more popular within public areas such as cinemas, banks, churches, shops and information points.

Inducted signals are only audible when listened to through an induction loop listener or hearing aid. A large majority of hearing aids are now fitted with a ‘T’ (tele-coil) function that allows hearing aids to pick up signals from Induction Loop Systems.

Our Induction Loop Systems range from portable battery operated systems, which offer approximately 2-mtr-sq coverage, or counter systems for reception desks/information kiosks, to larger systems for halls and theatres etc.

To ensure adequate audio levels are passed through the Induction Loop System, it is important that the correct loop design is used to avoid cross talk between other Induction Loops and magnetic interference; this is why Tonetec Limited offers a full design and installation service.

Tonetec Limited only utilise products from leaders within the industry, which include Signet AC and Mini Loop. With the backing from these major Induction Loop manufacturers, Tonetec Limited can guarantee a superior product that will comply with both current British Standards and the Disabled Discrimination Act, which was enforced in October 2004.

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